About us

Globally, Sumitomo Chemical is a diverse chemical company with operations in 212 countries and with over 27,000 employees. It is a significant investor in R&D in a variety of fields, including agriculture and pest control. Innovation, sustainability and corporate social responsibility are core to our business philosophy.

Sumitomo Chemical Australia was established in 1998 as a wholly owned subsidiary of Sumitomo Chemical Co, Japan. Sumitomo develop, register and market products for crop protection, environmental health, professional pest control and household insecticides for use in Australia and New Zealand. Many of the insecticides used in Mortein, Raid and Baygon have been developed and manufactured by Sumitomo Chemical.

Sumitomo Chemical Australia is also partner to various Australian government initiatives in managing serious national pest problems;

  • The QLD Government’s program to eradicate the imported Red Invasive Fire Ant which poses a threat to human amenity, wildlife and agricultural production
  • Local council mosquito control programs for human amenity and vector control relating to diseases such as Dengue fever and Ross River virus
  • State government funded programs for Australian plague locust control
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