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Why Xterm™?
How to get rid of termites with Xterm™
How to protect your home with Xterm™


Why termite baiting?  

Traditional termite protection involves mixing large quantities of insecticide into the soil around and under your home.  For many this is not considered environmentally smart and often the treatment can cause unsightly damage as paths and driveways are drilled to inject the insecticide into the soil.  These treatments are not designed to kill the termite colony – they only kill termites that come into contact with the treatment.   Furthermore, the performance of these liquid applications is dependent on a creating a continuous treated zone - one gap in the treatment may be enough for the termites to enter your home.  And if you are hit by heavy rains or floods, then a completely new application may be necessary!

Termite baiting systems are the smart way to protect your home from termites. They utilise the termites’ own foraging behaviour to gain complete colony control. Highly attractive bait containing insecticide is placed at termite feeding sites. Termites feed on the bait and take it back to the nest and pass it on to the queen and nest mates. Its delayed action means it gets spread around the colony before the termites realise anything is wrong and death of the colony is assured.              


Key advantages of baiting Baiting systems Liquid treatments
Kills the colony YES NO
Rain / flood proof YES NO
Environmentally smart YES NO


Why Xterm™?

Xterm™ is the latest termite baiting system on the market, designed to protect your home, your family and the environment.  Xterm™ provides:

  • Complete colony control - eliminates termites from your home
  • Smart component design - cleaner, neater installation
  • Minimal disruption - No need to leave home during installation
  • Excellent safety profile – children and pet friendly
  • Environmentally smart – Xterm™ only targets termites avoiding excessive insecticide use
  • High quality and durable – designed to last for many years
  • Developed by Sumitomo Chemical Company, the leaders in household pest control – protect your home with confidence


How to get rid of termites with Xterm™?

If you have termites attacking your home you want them gone, quickly and permanently.  Termiticide dusts and sprays kill the termites they touch but you are never really sure if they have killed the colony, meaning the termites could return.

Baits are a proven technology to kill the colony and the new Xterm™ bait is probably the fastest bait on the market.  

Watch how Xterm™ can get rid of termites….

Once you have eliminated the colony and the house has been declared free of termites, you need to install the Xterm™ monitoring system to provide the lasting protection for your home.  Even though you may have killed the colony responsible for attacking your home, there may be other nests in the area looking out for a meal!


How to protect your home with Xterm™?

Whether you have just got rid of termites from your house or are keen to prevent an attack, a termite management system is vital for the long term protection of your home.

Watch how the Xterm™ monitoring system can protect your home…

Don’t forget that regular (normally quarterly) inspections by a trained professional are an integral part of the termite baiting system.  In addition (as with any termite management system), a complete inspection of the property is required at least once a year to maintain any warranties.