What damage do termites do?

On average, your home is 12 times more likely to suffer attack from termites, than the combined risk of fire, flood or other natural disaster ……. and termite damage is not covered by most home insurance! 

Around 140,000 homes are attacked by termites each year (around 1 in 65 homes)....with a total damage bill estimated at nearly $1 Billion!  This means the average damage cost per home is around $7,000, but for some it is much more…… over $100,000.

With termites being very secretive, often the homeowner is unaware termites are attacking their home until significant damage has occurred. Termites are very efficient at attacking structural timbers, not only causing damage but making your home unsafe.

Don’t think because you have a double brick or steel framed home you are immune to termite attack. There are plenty of examples of termites getting into such buildings and eating flooring, architraves and doors. And don’t think termites only attack old homes. CSIRO estimate that 1 in 5 new homes will experience a termite attack within the first 5 years.

You wouldn’t skip on your home insurance.  So with termite attack the most likely event to cause damage to your home, it makes sense to have a termite management plan in place to protect your most valuable asset.  A termite management plan will consist of regular termite inspections (at least once per year) and the installation of a termite management system, such as the Xterm™ Termite Monitoring and Baiting system.