How Termites Enter Homes

Termites are constantly looking for new food sources to exploit. A property may be safe today but not tomorrow. With termites able to squeeze through gaps as small as 2mm, there are many ways they can find their way into your home.

For homes on piers: Termites can build mud tubes up the exterior of perimeter wall or up the interior of the perimeter wall or brick piers under the house. Sometimes they can move up inside the walls or piers. If there is no physical barrier below the floor level they can then access the home without being noticed.

For homes on concrete slabs: Termites can access the home through cracks in the concrete slab, through gaps adjacent to the utility pipes (plumbing / drains), through weep holes / vents and through cracks in the brickwork.

Once they are in, they proceed to any feeding site where there is food and moisture. There are a number of key things homeowners can do to reduce the chances of termites getting in un-noticed, but one key action to ensure you have a complete termite inspection at least once a year (as recommended by Australian Standards).