What are the warning signs?

Termites rarely come to the surface to feed. Most of the time, you will only find out that they are there when it is too late and damage has occurred. However, other than actually seeing damage, there are some other more subtle signs that may indicate termites are attacking your home.

"Swarmers" (alates or winged termites) in or around the house, especially near light sources after rain.  Also wings on the ground near doors and windows. The presence of mud tubes  shelters under the house or on foundation walls running from the ground upwards into the house.
The presence of mudding inside the house; in cupboards, on walls or in the roof void.

Small holes or slits in woodwork or plasterboard walls

Stains on walls and ceiling

Bubbling of paint work

Also "sawdust" near doors and windows and soft or creaking floorboards, may also be worthy of further investigation.

As well as these visual cues, sometimes you can actually hear the termites gnawing the wood or "tapping" as they communicate to each other by banging their heads.

If you see or suspect any of these signs, don't touch spray anything (as this can make it harder to identify and control).  Call your pest professional immediately!